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10/10: Garrosh 25m Heroic Video
Posted at 12:00am by Neolism
It's been over a year since I joined this guild, and have seen more people come and go than I'd like to remember. The moment we downed Garrosh it more than made up for all the bullshit we've endured since taking on this goal. I am so lucky to call Sanguine Prophecy my guild, thank you all for being awesome and putting up with me!

Much love! Enjoy the video!


10/7: Heroic Garrosh Down! 14/14H SoO Complete!
Posted at 11:00pm by Xorren
It's been a long, challenging road for us. We converted back to a 25 man guild when 5.4 hit, and made the choice to push into heroic content. Back then, getting heroic Garrosh down felt like a very distant dream. But we proved to be extremely efficient, raiding only two days a week, 3 hours each day. We pushed forward through roster issues, enduring replacements and farming content to get people caught up in order to participate effectively. We've endured, knowing full well we would have cleared this tier a long time ago if not for issues of attrition. But here we are, having accomplished our goal in epic fashion. Our first Heroic Garrosh kill went so smoothly that we did not incur even a single death, achieving an execution rating in the 91st percentile and ranking our first kill 78 on Warcraft Logs in that category. I am extremely proud to be here at the end of this long road with you all. You are all amazing!

And with that, we head into Warlords of Draenor!
9/9: Heroic Klaxxi Down!
Posted at 12:00am by Xorren
We downed Heroic Klaxxi Tuesday with just about as clean a kill as you could ask for. Garrosh is next! Neo tossed together another great video for us. Enjoy!

7/18: Heroic Siegecrafter Video
Posted at 12:00am by Xorren
"It was a very long and grueling last 4 months, but persistence pays off. We earned this one boys... This video is dedicated to all those who stuck it out and didn't give up, all the quitters can suck it! Enjoy this video I made for all of you!" - Neolism, The Drunk, Guild Spielberg, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

7/15: Heroic Siegecrafter Down!
Posted at 10:30pm by Xorren
Over the past three months, we've essentially had to rebuild our raid-force, having over half our raiders stepping away from raiding and WoW in general (summertime/end of expansion woes are the funnest). I am very proud to say our new group has come forward full steam, and we've mastered Siegecrafter heroic within a very short period of time. We're coming for you next, Paragons, and Garrosh needs to start watching his back!

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